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20 Great & Affordable Activities To Do This Fall

Fun ideas for an active fall

Summer has given us the last wave of warmth and lazy, sun-soaked days. But even though most of us consider this a time to get back to the daily grind, it's important to note all the beauty and possibilities that Fall brings.

To help give some inspiration on what to do on Fall days, you will find something for everyone in the list I have compiled below. Whether indoors on a rainy day or outdoors on crisp sunny days, families, singles, or just plain bored, I hope you can find something great in this list that can help to create some Fall memories.

At the bottom of the article, you can find five great ideas when carving pumpkins.

Idea #1 Visit an Apple Farm

Apples are available year-round at most grocery stores, but nothing compares to fresh orchard apples plucked right from the tree during the harvest. At this time of year, apples are at the height of their crunchy, tart, sweet flavor. You can choose your own fruit in a lot of commercial orchards. It's not just enjoyable; it's also a fantastic method to teach youngsters about the origins of their food. Get extras so you can make pies or can applesauce. Warm up with a tasty, homemade cider once you're finished.

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Idea #2 Host a Friendsgiving

Time for a fun potluck. Organize a gathering for a Friendsgiving potluck with all of the best handmade fall dishes! Don't forget the butternut squash and mashed potatoes, folks. 

Idea #3 Take a Walk in the Wilderness

Bring a field book to help you recognize the various tree species. Watch for animals gathering food for the winter. Tell children how animals are beginning to gain weight and develop thick, protective winter coats. Aim to spot migratory birds. Take photos of the birds and Google them when you get home. Then the children learn where they fly to over the winter months.

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Idea #4 Paint Pine Cones

Pack an extra bag and fill it with many pine cones you can take home. It is a great family activity to paint and decorate the pine cones in different colors. All the decorated cones can be displayed in a bowl or small basket as a charming piece of home décor. 

Idea #5 Collect Colorful Fall Leaves

Press them into books, and apply pressure placing the book with leaves at the bottom of a pile of books. Let dry for about two weeks. Create cards with them by pasting the handmade paper, or create a sun catcher by sandwiching wax paper between two pieces of paper. If you want to add color, use crayon shavings instead of glue. Melt the shavings with a warm iron to hold the paper together.

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Idea #6 Visit a Harvest Festival

A trip to a festival is a great day out for all the family, both young and old. Celebrate and find some of the best local fruits, vegetables, and other local goods. Great fun, fresh air, and supporting the local environment are great for everyone.

Idea #7 Go on a Hayride

Fall is a popular time for hayrides on many farms.

With younger children who might not be ready for a long walk, this is a beautiful way to relax and take in nature.

Idea #8 Take a Trip to the Pumpkin Patch

Avoid purchasing your Halloween pumpkin from the supermarket. Go directly to the source. Kids will enjoy exploring the patch to find the ideal pumpkin.

Pick up a few large ones for jack-o-lanterns and a few smaller ones for painting or other home decor. Smaller pumpkins are beautiful accents to fall centerpieces. You can use some of the seeds to make pumpkin pies after roasting them in the oven with some spices and savory seasonings.

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Idea #9 Toast Marshmallows

Everyone enjoys toasted marshmallows. This kid-friendly pastime will be cherished forever if you don't burn the marshmallows!

Prepare a campfire in the backyard, or toast marshmallows indoors before relaxing with your feet up in the living room. Toasting marshmallows is ideal if you want to hear the rain inside when it's freezing outdoors.

Idea #10 Visit a Farm With a Corn Maze

Many farms use their cornfields as giant mazes to generate additional revenue for the winter.

Get some fresh air while practicing your sense of direction. All ages like exploring corn mazes.

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Idea #11 Fall Picnic

Who said you couldn't have a family picnic feast even though it's cool outside? To me, a relaxing day would involve bringing hot soup and enjoying a fantastic cup of hot chocolate outside with the family. Don't forget to pack a picnic basket and also some warm clothing. After your picnic, everyone can have outdoor games like hide-and-seek or pinecone collecting.

Idea #12 Make a Scarecrow

Take an old shirt and overalls or jeans, and pack them with leaves. Keep stuffing until the scarecrow is firm.

To make your scarecrow a perfect fall décor, add a pumpkin head - from your visit to the pumpkin patch.

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Idea #13 Fly a Kite

Kite flying is best in the autumn because of the chilly, windy air. Purchase one from the store or create one yourself using string, two long sticks, and sturdy paper.

By making it together with the kids, you create anticipation and excitement around a fun and relaxing activity.

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Idea #14 Jump In a Leaf Pile

Letting yourself go and falling into a pile of leaves is recommended for adults as well, and not only children.

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Idea #15 Star Gazing

A peaceful, lovely, and romantic experience. Put on your warmest clothing and take a stroll with your partner while admiring the stars. You can bring your children and show them the stunning stars above us. Maybe explain to your kids how stars are formed. To me, that sounds like the perfect evening.

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Idea #16 Make a New and Yummy Dinner or Dessert

Making delectable food on chilly days is a terrific idea! Bring the entire family together and prepare some delicious comfort food. Why not pick up a new dinner recipe tonight? Or prepare a delectable dessert to enjoy after dinner? This autumnal activity is one in which the entire family can participate and contribute.

Idea #17 Read a Book

Not all Fall activities have to be about doing things outdoors or together. We all need a time out, so find that book you've meant to read for ages.

Put aside the phone, turn off the computer, and curl up with a book. Trust me. You'll thank me later.

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Idea #18 Visit a Museum

It's very easy to oversee the museums that are only a short distance from us.

Usually, they are packed with exciting and fun information for the whole family. The outing will be entertaining and informative for all.

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Idea #19 Family Game Night

Grab a deck of cards and some board games. Who's up for a night of family games? Everyone is welcome to participate in various games following dinner.

Play Jenga, board games, or charades! All the traditional games are fantastic for getting everyone involved and relaxing simultaneously! So, gather the family together for a board game night.

Idea #20 Tell Some Spooky Stories After Dark

Getting ready to prepare for Halloween? Why not have a night of horror stories?

Pick kid-friendly scary tales, and don't forget to hold the flashlight under your chin. Google offers many scary stories if you don't already know any.

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5 Helpful Tips When Carving Pumpkins

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Tip #1

Don't cut out the top to scoop out the seeds.

Cut out the bottom instead. The pumpkin doesn't cave in on itself and lasts longer.

Display of lemons - Infusion Home Interiors

Tip #2

Rub the sides with lemon after you're done scooping.

The acidity from the lemon will help preserve the pumpkin. 

Display of cinnamon sticks - Infusion Home Interiors

Tip #3

Sprinkle some cinnamon inside at the top after carving.

This way, when you put the candle in, it smells like pumpkin pie.

Carved pumpkin with fun smile with braces made of wire - Infusion Home Interiors

Tip #4

Use everyday items from around the house to create your own design and idea.

For example, use white reflective tape for makeshift bandages. Use nuts and bolts to create a fun or scary face. Or use the pumpkin as a vase and make a stunning Fall or floral centerpiece.

Pile of pumpkins with Happy Fall written on one of the pumpkins - Infusion Home Interiors

Tip #5

If scary grins on a pumpkin are not quite your thing, try using an apple corer or drill bits to make a polka dot pattern for a more mellow, grown-up pumpkin decoration.

Using cookie cutters with different shapes is also a great alternative when hollowing out patterns.