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Natural Rhodochrosite Hand-Woven Ladies Bracelet


Natural Rhodochrosite crystal stone helps bring awareness of the soul and your spiritual purpose in life. The Rhodochrosite crystal helps us go deep within our spirits to awaken our true destiny and divine purpose.

Bracelet size is adjustable, measures 36 inches, so it will wrap around an average size wrist 3 times. Rhodochrosite stone measures around 1 1/4 by 1.5 inches long! But each stone are a little different, as it is Natural Stone. Bracelet Length can be extended by the 4 inches of leather openings for the button closure. You can loosen the knot then retie it on a right place depend on your wrist size.


  • Material: Semi-precious stones
  • Type: Bracelet
  • Style: Women's
  • Shape: drop shape