Infusion Wall Decor

Circular Woven Wall Hanging


Bohemian design is an eclectic mix of different styles. One of the most popular ways to mix styles is to include a touch of tribal culture and influence.

A way to do this is by incorporating a circular woven wall hanging decoration. These are not only affordable, handmade and striking but also bring a unique element to create a dreamy bohemian space in any room.

This is an easy way to incorporate different styles into your home without it feeling too cluttered. They are made of high quality cotton and 100% handmade. Great to hang up in all kinds of spaces, such as your bedroom, living room, hallway and your office. 


  • Material: Cotton rope
  • Size: 20*95cm
  • Process: Hand-woven
  • Shape: Rectangle
  • Pattern: Moon
  • Maintenance: Hand wash