Infusion Seasonal Decor

Nordic Gray-green Tree Desktop Christmas Decorations

$49.99 $57.99

Stunning Nordic design that gives a true feel of a Norwegian winter forest. These can also be used as decorations all year with their calm and natural colors. Elegant and chic with a definite wow factor.


  • Material: Matte glazed ceramics
  • Golden Top Sequined Tree: Height 35cm Diameter 13,5cm Weight 550g
  • Large Ribbed Tree: Height 35cm Diameter 13,5cm Weight 560g
  • Small Pagoda Tree: Height 25cm Diameter 10cm Weight 235g
  • Larch: Height 25cm Diameter 16cm Weight 285g
  • Small Ribbed Tree:  Height 20cm Diameter 9cm Weight 165g
  • Medium Pagoda Tree: Height 34cm Diameter 10,5cm
  • Large Two-color Tree: Height 35cm Diameter 11cm Weight 460g