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A serene & Modern Lifestyle

Having grown up in a Norwegian home, Nordic design for me, is not an interior styling trend. It is a lifestyle. A way of living that has developed over many generations all over Scandinavia.

I was lucky enough to experience my upbringing in South Africa - due to my dad's job as an electrical engineer - and experienced the wonder, questions and curiosity that was expressed by friends and neighbors about our home. All the compliments my mom received about how lovely and spacious the rooms were. The comforting food, candlelight and cozy atmosphere. I realized that we had something special at home.

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I had a wish, deep inside, that had grown for years. I wanted to combine my passion for creativity, colour, home and living into something to share with the rest of the world. To share everything I can think of that can help anybody create...

A serene and modern lifestyle - The Nordic Way

Mission Statement

Infusion Home Interiors is an e-commerce site for the sale of home decor products. The mission is to provide quality products at a reasonable price to help customers create their own beauty and comfort at home.


The aim is to grow and develop becoming a serious competitor in a rapidly growing market. Striving to bring products from sustainable resources and fair trade companies to customers who wish to support this endeavour through the products they purchase. With this healthy growth follows the creation of workplaces and expansion.


The company will operate on the backbone of honesty, integrity and respect. Impeccable service will stand key to customer satisfaction. We will
deliver what we promise.

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