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Having grown up in a Norwegian home, I have been lucky to always have what I needed. At the same time, it was an upbringing where I was taught to cherish what I had, and if something broke or tore, we would mend it. My Grandmother was from a generation that had experienced two world wars, and spending so much time with her taught me that we must look after each other and the world we live in. It's much more fragile than we might think.

The main part of my childhood, however, was spent in South Africa due to my Dad's job as an electrical engineer. This gave me an understanding of the vast differences that exist in our world including cultures, climates, economies and the way we as humans live.

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I had a wish, deep inside, that had grown for years. I want to make the road to eco-conscious and sustainable products short and easy to buy. At the same time, selling products made by small businesses and communities that are focused on the same goals. These goals are:

Sustainable, eco-friendly, recyclable, artisan made, non-toxic, no child or exploitive labor, fair wages, cruelty-free products from socially responsible like-minded businesses.

Mission Statement

Infusion Home Interiors is an e-commerce site for the sale of sustainable products. The mission is to provide quality products at a reasonable price to help customers create an eco-conscious home and lifestyle.


The aim is to grow and develop becoming a serious competitor in a rapidly growing market. Striving to bring products from sustainable resources and fair trade companies to customers who wish to support this endeavour through the products they purchase. With this healthy growth follows the creation of workplaces and expansion.


The company will operate on the backbone of honesty, integrity and respect. Impeccable service will stand key to customer satisfaction. We will
deliver what we promise.

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