What is Boho Design

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Boho Design

An interior design style that is truly individualistic and inspirational with a key focus on you.

Where and How Did Boho Design Start?

An abbreviation of the French word La Bohème. Already you are led away to a mysterious, dreamy, and artistic world. It was a counterculture that emerged in France after the French Revolution where many artists and creative souls were driven into poverty due to the economic and social differences. As a result, these artists began to live a simpler, more nomadic lifestyle that focused less on material possessions and more on creative freedom.

At the heart of it all, being a boho has always been about being free - in mind, body and spirit. Bohemian-style interior design began in the 19th century in Paris, France. It was inspired by writers, artists, painters, poets, and nomads who believed that creativity was more valuable than money - the original bohemians. Today, "boho" is more of an adjective than a noun and indicates an aesthetic that takes its influence from the free souls of previous generations.

Shy away from minimalism. That said, there are no rules regarding the bohemian style. The style is defined by a lack of structure, and strongly influenced by the 1970s - the style gives you room for creativity and imagination!
But, if you’re like me, and like lists to go by, here are the main
things to remember when designing:

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The Boho Checklist
- Low sofas and seats. Mismatched furniture pieces and poufs are great!

- Plants! Lots of plants! Also hang them from the walls and ceiling.

- Use different types of lighting. For example, string lights, woven lampshades, and pillar candles.
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- Use different textures for throw pillows, blankets, rugs and so on.

- Patterns. Personally, I love anything with paisley for a splash of color.

- Start with light colored walls and furniture, add in decorative and colored items for a perfect design.

- Abstract artwork on walls is a perfect fit.

- Use sheer or light curtains. If you want to let in maximum light choose white or very light pastel colors.

“Bohemia can be anywhere because it is not a place but a state of mind.”
Arthur Ransome
What Else Gives A Boho Vibe?

In contrast to the minimalist Nordic style, you can allow yourself to frolic in wonderful maximalism.

The boho style consists of an eclectic mix of layers upon layers of patterns, textures, and colors. When it comes to colors, just let your senses go.

Looking for a warm color scale, most often think of earth tones, deep browns, green and gray as a base. Preferably combined with dark purple, warm pink, burnt orange and deep blue.

A cooler color scale can, for example, consist of purple, turquoise and silver. Jewel tones and metallics are also allowed.

There is no need to choose between warm or cold colors. The combination and layers of all these colors are what make this style unique!

The relaxed globally inspiring aesthetic bends traditional design rules to create a layered personal look.

It's perfectly imperfect - when done right.