Infusion Personal Care

Bamboo Bath Brush


Reduce cellulite by brushing your body with this natural brush. Brushing the body daily  is a natural way to promote circulation, improve metabolism, remove dead skin cells and stimulate the body's natural detoxification process. The natural bristles enhance this proven skin treatment and improve the texture and complexion of the skin.

The longer bamboo handle design makes it easier for those hard to reach places, such as back, shoulders, buttocks, etc. Easy to insert and remove, the hole of the rope and handle is used to hang up dry, suitable for adults of all ages. It can be used wet or dry for cleansing and exfoliating.


  • Material: bamboo, hog bristle
  • Size: Total length 42cm/brush length 12.5cm/brush width 8cm
  • Use: bath brush, dry brush
  • Hardness: Medium to soft bristles