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Beautiful Quartz Geode Stones


This Quartz Geode specimen shows a cavernous lined stone with sparkling white or clear quartz crystals. Quartz geodes let you bring the balanced energy and beauty of quartz crystal into your life. Quartz is said to have a strong healing energy that cleanses and balances. The cavernous shape and large number of crystals are believed to amplify and disperse energy in a space, allowing it to soften over time.

This quartz geode is perfect for bringing the simple beauty and powerful energy of quartz into your home.


  • Item Type: Geode/Cluster
  • Material: Stone
  • Main Stone: Crystal Quartz
  • Quantity: 1 x natural Stone
  • Stone Weight: 155 g / 5.5 oz
  • Stone Size: 8-9 cm
  • Feature: Natural Raw Stone