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Beauty Amethyst Massager


This Beauty Amethyst Massager made of crystal material, is Eco-friendly and non-toxic. This massager can promote blood circulation and accelerate metabolism, eliminate wrinkles, spot, slow ageing and keep your skin young. Double-ended design with one for eye massage and the other for face, forehead and neck massage.

Simply roll your amethyst face massager over your skin, using the large roller for broad portions of your face and neck, and using the small roller to target delicate under-eye tissue and the area between the nose and top lip. It also can be used to soothe puffy eyes and jawlines. Your roller can be easily cleaned after use with mild detergent. A perfect gift for your friends and relatives who loves beauty and self-care.


  • Product Category: Jade Roller
  • Specification: 40*58*145 mm
  • Shape: Amethyst single head, double-headed amethyst, amethyst claw set, amethyst finger set
  • Material: Amethyst