Infusion Tableware

Creative Marbled Gold Lined Plate

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This is modern, retro looking tableware. This tableware is made from beautiful pristine white porcelain ceramics with a gentle marbled effect. The marble surface is rounded with gold, the edge of the plate is hand painted with golden glaze.

The texture is smooth, the design is retro and creative, the glaze is durable and easy to clean. The bottom is non-slip, finely polished and fired at high temperature, the glazed surface is safe and non-toxic.


  • Product Category: Porcelain ceramics
  • Choose just one item or put together an entire dinnerware set.
  • Item and size:
  • A: 8-inch Shallow platter
    B: 8-inch Square plate
    C: 8-inch Square plate
    D: 8-inch Rectangular plate
    E: 8-inch Deep plate
    F: 10-inch Shallow plate
    G: 10-inch Square plate
    H: 12-inch Fish platter with handles
    I: 6-inch Shallow plate
    J: 5-inch Shallow dish
    K: 4.5-inch Dessert bowl
    L: 6-inch Noodle soup bowl
    M: 8-inch Large soup bowl
    N: Heart shaped bowl
    O Flavor seasoning plate (2pcs)
    P: Small spoon (2 pcs)
    Q: Large soup spoon