Infusion Decor

Dream Catcher Handmade


Indian style handmade dream catcher design with orange and gray feather pendants. Striking decor that utilises complimentary colors well.

For those that don't know dream catchers have been used to capture beautiful dreams, and let the nightmares disappear in the morning.  It is said that only a good dream can pass through the dream catcher, flows down the feather, and any nightmares will be trapped in the net, then disappear the next morning.


  • Material: cotton thread, iron ring, feathers
  • Size(approx.): large ring diameter: 20cm/7.87in,   
  • medium ring diameter: 11cm/4.33in 
  • small ring diameter: 7cm/2.75in     
  • total length: 80cm/32.58in