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Face Cooling and Warming Natural Jade Roller

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Real jade stone rolls smoothly over the skin and enhances the look of the skin through gentle massage. Use the smaller end of the roller for under your eyes, around your mouth, chin, and eye lid, and the larger stone for your forehead, jaw line, cheek, and neck.

This jade facial roller glides over skin, diminishing puffiness while boosting circulation for a brighter, smoothing effect. Store this amazing skincare tool in the refrigerator for a cooling effect that perks up tired complexions, or heat it up under warm water to melt away stress.

Using it to roll your skin from bottom to top along the direction of skin growth, it could tighten the skin and prevent sagging of the muscles. This face roller makes a great gift for skincare lovers.


Material: Jade Roller
Size: 14-15CM, Max Roller 5CM MIN Roller 3.4CM
Weight: about 70g