Infusion Decor

Gold Embossed Black Vase


The glossy carbon black finishes are versatile enough to both effortlessly blend into or enhance any décor. Use as a reed diffuser bottle to scent a room or place fresh or faux flowers for a bright, delicate floral touch.

All bottles are fired at 2282°F / 1250°C to ensure reliable durability and non-porous surface makes bottles safe and durable. Opaque ceramic shows no discoloration with prolonged use or visible dirt/dust build up compared to common glass bottles and vases.

We put safety first and use no harmful chemicals such as lead or cadmium and is completely BPA-free.


  • Size: See photos for measurements.
  • Category: Vase
  • Surface technology: inkjet
  • Hanging form: decoration
  • Style: simple and modern
  • Modeling: Scandinavian abstract