Infusion Pillows

Minimalist Creative Throw Pillow


These pillows are great to add comfort and style to a home. Here are some ideas to get you started on decorating with pillows:

- Use a variety of pillows to add depth and interest to a room.

- Pair a few pillows with a tablecloth to create a cozy breakfast nook.

- Use a colorful, whimsical pillow to make a statement on a simple sofa.

- Use a pillow with a bold pattern or color as a headboard.

- Add a few pillows to a bed to create a cozy atmosphere.

- Place a few pillows on a chair to make it more comfortable.


  • Size: 45x45cm 
  • 45cm in diameter
  • Filler: pp cotton
  • Pillow type: cushion cover / pillow cover
  • Maintenance: machine washable.