Infusion Wall Decor

Minimalist Outdoor Wall Lamp

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With its Art Deco look, this wall lamp features a sleek, streamlined design that's contemporary style at its finest. In perfect contrast to its black finish, the white glass of the wall lamp is as stylish as it is practical.

The color temperature is adjustable, and the color temperature can be selected between warm white and cool white (3000K-6500K). LED lights evenly illuminate the vertical surface, thereby producing a suggestive "washing" effect on the wall.

Designed for outdoor use. IP65 waterproof, aluminum frame. The high-precision die-cast aluminum housing and high heat dissipation function ensure a long working time.


  • Input voltage: 220 (V)
  • Color temperature: 3000 (K)
  • Shell material: Aliminium
  • Protection class: IP64
  • Scope of use: Outdoor walls