Infusion Textiles

Multicolor Zigzag Soft Knitted Blanket


This is a gorgeous, unique and stylish design blanket. This is a must have for the boho look this season. Made with you and your family in mind, we designed these beautiful throw blankets to drape over your favorite chair. Super soft, comfortable and light you can use it in the bedroom, as a throw in your living room or to drape over your outdoor furniture for easy access as a shawl on those cooler evenings.

These blankets features an elegant look, making it the perfect addition to your home. fold up at the end of your bed, and to cuddle up with as a throw blanket for your couch.

The knitting pattern and unique tassel design add more fashion factors to the home and make the home warmer. Perfect for homeowners with sophisticated taste in home décor.


  • Composition and content: 100%
  • Shrinkage rate: 2%-3%
  • Style: European
  • Color: yellow, blue, red, orange
  • Dimensions: 130*200+10*2