Infusion Pillows

Retro Tufted Cotton Pillow


A great decoration for you to update your room. The pillowcases are made of high quality cotton and linen blend with beautiful textures, durable and easy to care. Lovely to mix and match with different materials in your decor, like fur, velvet, leather, etc.

These pillows have an invisible zipper closure for an elegant look. Due to the smooth zipper, the inserts can be inserted and removed from the covers easily.

Throw the couch pillows on a sofa, chair, couch, bench, bed, loveseat, or even simply put them on the floor.  Suitable for bedroom, living room, study or office.


  • Note! Pillow filler not included
  • Material: cotton & linen blend
  • Size: Rectangle 30 * 50cm
  • Size: Square 45 * 45cm
  • Pillow type: cushion cover