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Thick Coral Fleece Bamboo Fiber Towel

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We bring you premium bamboo cotton towels woven with a high quality blend of bamboo and cotton. The natural bamboo and natural cotton fibers are produced for extra strength and durability so that the towels feel and look great for years. Furthermore, bamboo fabric is soft, light-weight and has “bamboo kun” which is found naturally in the fiber. The towels are produced in the most eco-friendly manner and bamboo is an easily renewable resource.

The cloths have a soft plush feel compared to regular cotton, offering the perfect combination of softness and strength. These hand towels are the perfect small size to keep next to your yoga mat, in your golf bag, in the kitchen, in the bathroom, or anywhere a plus size large towel is unnecessary. Not only for adult use, but also for babies or children.

These face cloths are durable, machine washable, tumble dry low, and can withstand multiple wash cycles. They get softer and smoother after the first wash, they fluff up wonderfully and they don't shrink.


  • Size: 34x74cm
  • Material: bamboo cotton fiber
  • Yarn technology: blended yarn
  • Yarn specification: 21 strands
  • Production process: edging, plain weaving
  • Water absorption: 5s-10s