Infusion Wall Decor

Wooden and Straw Wall Hanging


This is a natural shabby chic hanging wall décor for a variety of rooms. There are so many different styles of décor that it can be hard to know which one will work best for your home. One style that is popular today is shabby chic. With shabby chic, you get a natural, rustic look with a lot of organic elements. These wall hangings look and give a very welcoming and comfortable feel.

Ideal for use as wall art decoration in the living room, bedroom, hallway or on the porch or terrace.

This hanging décor is carefully hand crafted by artisans and will be unique to your home. An idea is to take 3 of them and create a statement that will make any room in your house look chic and amazing.


  • Technique: Handmade
  • Material: Wood and straw
  • Style: Boho and retro
  • Color classification: A tassel shell, B straw braided shell, C texture semicircle, D round grass
  • Type: Geometric boho pattern