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Hello there!

I’m Kristin, the soul behind Infusion
Home, and I’m thrilled to share my world with you. Art isn’t just my passion; it’s my language, my sanctuary, and the way I connect with the world. But here's the thing - my love for art knows no bounds. Whether it's the serene beauty of landscapes, the bold lines of modern abstracts, or the whisper of a minimalist sketch, I find a piece of myself in every style. This very love, combined with the challenge of choosing "just one type" of art, led to the idea of Infusion Home.

At Infusion Home, I have a place to share and celebrate the diversity and vibrancy of art in all its forms. The collections are a testament to the eclectic beauty that this world has to offer, carefully curated to ensure there’s something that speaks directly to your soul. I believe that every home deserves to be a gallery, a personal sanctuary that reflects the unique stories and dreams of its inhabitants.

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Beige and earth tone oil brush strokes in close up for Infusion Home
My journey

My journey into the world of art began as a personal quest to surround myself with beauty that resonated with me. However, I quickly realized that the traditional art world could feel exclusive and intimidating, while the digital age brought a sense of immediacy and accessibility that was previously unimaginable. Infusion Home bridges these worlds, offering a platform where art is easily accessible, kind to your wallet and sustainable.


Infusion Home specializes in printable wall art that captures the essence of diverse artistic expressions. From the comfort of your home, you can explore and download art that moves you, art that tells a story, and art that transforms your space into a reflection of your unique identity.

Why printable art?

The beauty of printable art lies in its simplicity and sustainability. It allows for instant gratification – the joy of refreshing your space without the wait.

It's an eco-friendly alternative that eliminates the need for shipping and packaging, reducing the carbon footprint one beautiful piece at a time. Plus, it empowers you to choose the perfect frame and size that fits your space, making each piece uniquely yours.

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My promise

At Infusion Home, my promise is to offer art that inspires, comforts, and delights. I’m dedicated to offering high-quality, accessible art that enriches your daily living.

Each piece in the collections are created or selected with love and an eye for detail, ensuring that it brings joy and inspiration into your home.