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Home is where one starts from." A simple, yet profound sentence from T.S. Eliot.

Home is where we start our day. Home is where we have comfort,
love and warmth.
Home is where we prepare for, and experience, many of lifes' challenges and celebrations. Home is, quite literally, the place where we plan and start all of lifes' big and small tasks and adventures.

Infusion Home Interiors is not only a company selling interior decorating products, there is an ideal behind the idea. To provide products that enable beautifying houses and making homes more enjoyable and relaxed. A genuine wish and goal to create a place where you feel that sense of comfort, love and warmth.

Since there are such vast arrays of styles and tastes to choose from, and all of them have their own special charm, means that Infusion Home Interiors is an eclectic collection of an extensive variety home decor where everyone should find something appealing.
Due to this endless variety Infusion will always follow the seasons with new and tempting products to spruce up your home with. There is also a wide variety of prices to suit all pockets.

But the best part is free shipping!

Enjoy infusing your home with comfort, beauty and warmth!

Kristin Stromnes

- Owner & Manager -

 Infusion Home Interiors

My Story

The words that you read above, fell onto paper in front of me, when finally deciding to turn my thoughts into reality.

This was an idea deep inside that had grown for more than four years. How to combine my passion forcreativity, colour, home and garden into something to share with the rest of the world?

While this was taking shape in my thoughts, I found myself at the end of maternity leave in May 2020 with an industry in tatters that I could not return to. At least, not for a very long time. With twenty years experience working management in the hotel industry, Covid-19 is safe to say, the most unwelcome guest the industry has had in modern times. It had also stormed its way to Norway, the quiet, friendly, mountainous corner of the world I call home. So the time had come to think new!

And so Infusion became a reality.

Mission Statement

Infusion Home Interiors is an e-commerce site for the sale of home decor products. The mission is to provide quality products at a reasonable price to help customers create their own beauty and comfort at home.


The aim is to grow and develop becoming a serious competitor in a rapidly growing market. Striving to bring products from sustainable resources and fair trade companies to customers who wish to support this endeavour through the products they purchase. With this healthy growth follows the creation of workplaces and expansion.


The company will operate on the backbone of honesty, integrity and respect. Impeccable service will stand key to customer satisfaction. We will
deliver what we promise.

 Infusion Home Interiors
Security for you
As mentioned earlier, ideals have a large role in the vision of Infusion Home Interiors. So, it's also only natural that they play an integral part in acquiring the products. The suppliers have not just been chosen with price and quality in mind. They all have one or several of the certifications listed.

This ensures peace of mind when purchasing products. From start to finish the items are produced with fair trade in mind, passed requirements for lack of dangerous substances and comply with EU and US standards.
 Infusion Home Interiors
• SGS inspection, verification and certification
• Intertek assurance, inspection and certification
• Amfori BSCI - Trade with purpose
• ISO 9001
• CE-Conformité Européenne Certified
• FCC Certified
• RoHS Compliant
• Oeko-Tex Standard 100 - Tested for harmful substances
 Infusion Home Interiors





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